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Blue Ring Design can help guide you through the entire process of setting up your website with a wide range of web design and web development services, including:

Domain Name Research and Registration

Blue Ring Design can compile a list of available domain names for the client to select from. Once an acceptable domain name is chosen, we can register the domain name on your behalf, or we can show you where to go to register it in your name so that you retain control over it yourself.

Web Design

Our web design packages are custom tailored to meet each client’s needs. Websites are created using the latest web design and development standards and utilize basic search engine optimization techniques. We can also find, install, and customize the best theme for your site using WordPress or other content management systems and custom e-commerce websites. Your website’s first year SSL certificate is included, additional years will added within your web hosting fees.

Content Creation and Proofreading

Typically all website content is provided by the client, but if you’re stuck, we can help. Website content includes any text or photos you would like to include within your website. If you prefer, Blue Ring Design can create website content for an additional fee. Content will be researched by Blue Ring Design and modeled after similar websites in your industry. We will not simply steal content from other websites, even if requested to do so by clients.
Content provided by clients will be posted as it is received. Text is simply copied, pasted, and formatted into HTML. For an additional fee, we will proofread your text carefully, to ensure spelling and grammar errors are not present.

Web Hosting

Once your website is created, Blue Ring Design can host it or upload your website to the hosting site of your choice. If your site is hosted by Blue Ring Design and crashes after it’s launched, you can call us directly for technical support. If your site is hosted elsewhere and experiences problems after it’s launched, you will have to contact your web hosting provider for support. Web hosting prices vary, depending on type and size of website and SSL certificate needs. All hosting is billed annually, one year in advance.

Search Engine Registration and Optimization

We have a history with the search engine optimization field, and keep seo standards in mind when building new sites. While there ARE companies that go above and beyond to help you with placement, most are scams and can cause more harm than good. For a fraction of the cost of other companies, we will register your website with all the major search engines, as well as keep your content fresh for visiting spiders. Blue Ring Design will research high frequency search terms related to your site and make sure that they are used properly, and not overused in a way that will get you banned by the search engines.

Blog Creation

Do you want to communicate with your web audience on a regular basis? Let us help you set up a blog within your website. Once setup, we’ll provide general written guidance on how to post to your web blog.

Social Media Registration and Tutorials

Blue Ring Design can help you set up social media accounts and provide guidance on how to maintain them. We can also provide Social Media Consulting services, where you can learn more about producing unique social media content, automating content retrieval, and scheduling social media updates without overdoing it.

Web Development

Sometimes a simple website or even a WordPress site with all the plugins and widgets available isn’t enough. We can help you develop those web programming projects, based on your company’s needs. You don’t need extensive technology knowledge, just a general idea of what the end result should be; we will help you translate that into a workable set of specs and handle the rest. Prices vary depending on the scope and complexity of the project.

Update Existing Websites at Hourly Rates

Do you already have a website but just need to update the content? Blue Ring Design can update your existing website content to reflect current organization information. We bill in 1/4 hour increments with a 1/2 hour minimum to keep your costs as low as possible. In most cases, we can provide an accurate quote based on your list of changes to be made. Send us your website’s wishlist today!

Technology Consulting

Do you work in a small organization or nonprofit with limited technology expertise? Do you feel stuck with a current technology provider because you don’t know of another option? Blue Ring Design can help you! Blue Ring Design provides Technology Consulting services; Let us help you outline your web design or development projects, plan for sustainability, or hire in-house tech staff.

Data Consulting

Do you work in a small organization or nonprofit and are unsure of how to quantify your success? Let Blue Ring Design help! Blue Ring Design can outline the metrics that you should be tracking, help you develop a system to track them, and research global indicators.